Overview of Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer is a graphical web browsers developed by company known as Microsoft. First version of Internet Explorer was released on August 16, 1995 and continuously brings innovations by releasing updated and latest versions of Internet Explorer which includes IE2, IE3, IE4, IE5 IE6, IE7, IE8 and IE9. It is most widely used web browser since beginning.

Microsoft has released the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE9) on 14th March, 2011. It is the fastest browser that Microsoft has ever released. It is available in different languages. Its features includes HTML5 specification, bringing new web standards, some new reliability and security features, better performance as well as hardware-accelerated graphics and a new Java script engine. These features will enable the users to use rich web based applications on PCs and laptops. Internet Explorer 9 works with Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers. It’s not compatible with Windows XP.

The basic idea behind Internet Explorer 9 is to improved speed for giving faster and better performance according to the requirements of today’s PC. It is more efficient and take few seconds to open and loading webpage.

First thing, you will notice when open Internet Explorer 9 is the simplified design. Its new look is combination of tabs and integrated bar on a single horizontal strip for web addresses and searches.  On appearances, IE9 become competitors of Firefox and Chrome in the race for simplicity. It gives quick access to the most often visited sites and also reopen your closed tabs or last browsing session. Dean Hachamovitch, product manager of internet browser said on the appearance and usability of IE9 that “The browser is the stage, or backdrop, for the web, and the sites are the star of the show”

The IE9 browser also introduces new features, such as Pin Feature which pin your favorite websites in windows taskbar to access directly, without opening internet explore and typing address again and again. Instead of clicking the “favorites” or dragging an icon to the bookmark bar, you Just Click on the pinned task bar icon and it will open the website for you. Read the rest of this entry »